Monday, June 19, 2006

Virgil St. – Inman Park “Yard Sales”

There were two sales just a few housed apart on this narrow street in Inman Park. The first was on the curb in front of a Victorian cottage. Leaning against the cottage was a kayak and a extension ladder. Aside from these things most of the stuff here was clothing and a few household items. The most outstanding feature was a lemonade stand run by a child offering fresh squeezed lemonade garnished with fresh mint from the sellers garden.
At the second sale was a car hood covered in small horse figurines, a multitude of books and a tarp with a sign saying “adults only”. Behind the tarp was a large selection of bright plastic adult sex toys. The seller asked me not to photograph the toys. Among the many books assembled here I found ”Organizing for the Creative Person”, “The Art of Happiness”, “The Art of Meeting Women”, “My Lesbian Husband”, “The Moon in Your Life”, “The Pursuit of WOW” and “How to Find and Fascinate a Mistress”. I also found a CD for learning to speak Telugu.
I bought nothing.

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