Tuesday, June 06, 2006

June 3, 2006 - The vicious cycle of clutter

Preparing my exhibit in two weeks is destroying my life. The items I have procured to display in the installation now occupy nearly one half of my household living space. My home is in total confusion. Clutter seems to create a cancer that spreads and demands more chaos. I have a shed full of stuff I don’t even dare look at, a bedroom that is unusable and filled with the stench of cheap scented candles shaped like pastries, a boat protrudes from under my deck and my porch is nearly impassable. Yet as the work in progress grows it consumes me and swallows small objects such as car keys. Yet when I look upon it I just think I need more and more. I will be glad when it’s all in the gallery and I can go back to my catch and release style yard sale habits.


Wayne Gunn said...

ok, now that the exhibit is on.. is the bedroom clear and can I spend the night there on my way back to Chicago?

Anonymous said...

I know of this addiction, but also love the insights you get into someone's life after rummaging through their stuff. Aaah bring it on — lets see the exhibit.