Monday, June 19, 2006

Harold Ave. –Lake Claire Multiple yard sales

I didn’t even notice if there were separate signs for these four sales nestled together on the first block of Harold Ave.
Each sale had its own feel. The first I visited was next to a recently demolished home, something that’s gotten quite common on this street as McMansions are now on every block. Here the theme was domesticity. They were heavy on toys and general housewares, the next sale which was the home immediately behind my house had an odd assortment of stuff. There were toys such as a pair of Simpson’s Mr. Smithers dolls in their original packaging. It seemed that while there were toys there were no children. Other stuff in this driveway included a TV of dubious quality where the picture was in a continual state of roll, boxes of promotional items such as a Umpa Lumpa figure from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a pack of card showing our right wing enemies as well as some candles and kitchen ware.
The house down from this had little more than children’s clothing and toys. While the home across the street had a huge amount of big plastic playthings as well as a large fish painted on a mirror.
I bought nothing.


Loopy Loo said...

I'm in love with this fish!

Anonymous said...

o,o this is the same fish that was painted on someones driveway in our neighbourhood. It took about a month for the owner I think, I remember it started out as the background (a desert with bright green cactus), then the base of the fish, then the details. Strange...