Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Whiteford Ave. Edgewood “Estate Sale”

After wondering the Ormewood park area for some non-existent sales mentioned in Craigslist I came to this event that was the antithesis of the prior sale on Candler.
This sale had been happing since Thursday but there the small frame home was still packed with decrepit delights. The pack-ratish abode was brimming with fanciful clutter ranging from garish knickknacks to religious artwork. Since the home had been rooted through for three days it’s was difficult to tell if the disorder was on the part of the estate owner or the parade of tomb raiders who had ransacked the estate for the past 72 hours. Piles of clothing were strewn about with gospel recordings, hats old photographs and kitchen utensils. Strangely out of place was a box of books on art, an video on the life of Andy Warhol and a mug that said ‘Mean old homo”

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