Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A large albeit, claustrophobic basement with a low ceiling held the greatest finds. Here I found that the owner for years had worked tirelessly with a glue gun adorning an array of objects large and small with beads, buttons sequins and glitter. Among the treasures were chairs pedestals, cabinets as well as a large faux jewel encrusted parasol. On the floor underneath this glittering display were newspapers from the 1960’s. Other things in the basement were encrusted with dirt and grimes such as old appliances and large fans.
In a garage that appeared on the verge of collapse behind the home was an old Maxima under a tarp with a front license plate that said “Bad to the Bone”.I asked the estate sellers if the encrusted furniture was for sale. He told me “The old woman’s coming back for that stuff”. But he did let me have two smaller items designed by the artist.

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