Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Palifox Dr. lake Claire “Yard Sale”

This sale was highly advertised all week and I had high expectation for this event. The sale was in the driveway of an attractively redesigned 40’s rambler home that in its expansion had gained a partial rock façade and two cupolas with weather vanes. The sale was presided over by two middle school girls and its contents appeared to be mostly what they had acquired in grade school. Found in the driveway was a massive pile of plush, lots of toys, ‘tween fashion wear and juvenile décor. Media found there included the “Extreme Teen Bible”, “The Everything Diet Book”, popular movies and two videotapes on Mother Teresa. There were also a few adult things around such as a kit for making plaster casts of infant’s extremities, a treadmill and one of those exercise devices that looks like a lawn chair that’s broken in the middle.
I bought the latter as well as a cap that said, “Flirt”

Kit for plaster casting babies.

Pile of unwanted plush.

Contrasting videotapes at Palifox.

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