Friday, November 10, 2006

Church St. - Decatur “Yard Sale”

Later in the day I was out with Cindy and we stopped at two sales. This one was in the yard of a corner bungalow. The items gathered here spoke of too much collecting and not enough living as the yard looked like a failed attempt at having an antique store. Perhaps this is the fallout of the Lakewood Antiques market closing. Among the stuff in this man’s yard were several old movie posters, a number of books including works by Sheldon, Koontz and one work entitled “You are all Sanpaku”. Other stuff in the yard included a Frank Franzetta looking painting, a collection of old razors, some stationary products from 40 years ago and some old Xmas décor.
I bought nothing.

Movie posters among the fall leaves on Church St.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning "You are all Sanpaku," a book which, for some reason, slipped from my collection.