Monday, November 20, 2006

Springdale Rd. Druid Hills “Yard Sale”
This sale was in the rear driveway and garage of a large brick manor house. On the way to the garage I passed a disorderly pile of stuff marked “free”. Among the stuff in the pile was a Norman Rockwell print, a tote bag, a dish drainer and a pattern for a Halloween costume.
Outside the garage was a rack of women’s clothing with a bright red dress at the end. Inside the garage I found a pile of books, in the pile I found “The Pet name book”, “All Politics is Local”, “How to live happily as a teenager”, “The Family Crucible”, “Creative Costumes”, “I love you but why are we so different?”, “The Four Seasons cookbooks”, “Second Time Around” and “The 7 Habits of highly effective people”. Other stuff inside included some golf clubs, a life like ceramic cat and a children’s dish set that resembled junk food.
I bought nothing.
Vintage Rockwell among the free stuff.

Rack of clothes in Druid Hills.

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