Friday, November 10, 2006

Inman Village – Inman Park “Multi Family Sale”
This was a community sale at the development where the Mead Packaging plant was situated in Inman Park. It is one of the larger in-town developments with faux lofts in the building where notebooks were once assembled, rows of row-homes and detached homes that are so adjacent to one another that one can barely walk between them. The sale was in the garages of the row-homes. While the merchandise here is not of great interest the cleanliness and sanitary nature of its display was striking. The garages were spotless; no oil stains on the concrete, no piles of foul rags, no odors of petroleum products, no filth encrusted pyramids of rusty garden tools. Is this the future of in-town living? What is the clutter I encountered in these spotless storage areas for Lexus’s and BMW’s? First, electronics placed on tables in neat rows, the cables tied in an orderly manner. Second, women’s clothes brought here by way of trendy boutiques. Finally things that the occupants must of brought from a previously habitat and that no longer fit space wise or aesthetically into these modern abodes. Among this stuff were some boxes of Lps (one containing a 78 collection of Cantorial singing), some garden tools, albeit quite new but bear in mind these row homes have no green space and remnants hobbies that have been abandoned. These included exercise devices, scuba diving gear and roller blades. Among some books here I found “Criminal Justice Today” , “Organic Chemistry” and “Guts”. More detail of the divestments can be seen in the photos below.
I bought nothing.
Colorful selection of fine men's wear.

A variety of clean stuff found in Inman Park garage.

Forgotten hobbies being sold.

One of the few older items found in Inman Park Village.

Scene inside a clean garage.

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H. Wren said...

This seems in line with my experience. The newer and nicer the neighborhood, the less interesting the stuff. I would have bought that chants record, though, but this is why I can't go to yard sales anymore.