Wednesday, November 15, 2006

St. Charles Ave. – Virginia Highlands “Yard Sale”

At this sale a selection of goods were set up on a few tables under a large oak tree in from of a bungalow. A constant rain of festive colored leaves fell upon the clutter the entire time I was there. It’s moments like this that make visiting sales in the off season so enjoyable. Among the cascade of leaves I found a box labeled “Retreat Box- Calm”
a ceramic mouse holding a piece of cheese, a display of faux ceramic cheese, some kitchen implements, a few items of holiday décor and a globe.. There was a selection of cookbooks on one of the tables, among them were “Good Food Gourmet”, “Much Depends on Dinner”, “All About Meat” and ‘The Art of Making Sausages”. Leaning against a tree was the headboard of a metal bed. A man in a heavy coat and winter hat watched over all this.
I bought nothing.
Two decor objects depicting cheese.

Calm in a box.

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