Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Lamont Dr.- Decatur “Estate Sale”

This was a larger sale filling up the yard and driveway of a one-story home. I was surprised to see that they had their yard sale permit prominently displayed on the cashier’s table. I asked if Decatur required permits for sales and they told me this had been the rule for some time. According to the seller there is no cost for the permit but only two are allowed per year.
After inspecting the paperwork I looked around perhaps to see if the legality had affected the presentation of the clutter. Here on Lamont I found that the goods were departmentalized. Neatly printed signs indicated the value and use of goods in the driveway. One sign read “Bathroom”, another “Home Décor’ and a third “Hair Supplies”. The hair supplies table included blowers, curlers, brushes and a few tubes of bottles of creams and lotions. There as also a 1980’s book of men’s hairstyles included in the mix. The area marked bathroom supplies consisted of an unruly pile of soft goods on the driveway pavement. Some Monopoly money was mixed in with the towels and draperies. The Home Décor area included several porcelain clowns, small picture frames, some lampshades and a few candles shaped like apples.
In the yard were several large piles of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. A collection of games was displayed on a tarp. Among them were Chauvinist Pig, Therapy-The Game and CEO. The later was a business trivia game.
Among some books in boxes I found ‘When Muscle Pain Won’t Go Away”, “Physiology Coloring Book”, “Learn to Relax”, “How Good Do We Have To Be?”, “The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook”, “Anita Guyton’s Anti Wrinkle Plan”, “How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci”, “Inline Skating” and “Do What You Are”.
The final item of note was a large pile of faux fall leaves in the middle of the yard. As the sale progressed real leaves mixed with the fabricated ones.
I bought nothing.
Illustrated book of mens hair styles.

Pile of stuff for your bath.

Table of things for your hair.

Game found in Decatur.

Man made Autumn leaves in the yard.

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