Friday, November 10, 2006

Saturday - October 28, 2006

Harold Ave. – Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

The season is now in decline. The morning is cold and damp, signs are fewer and the quantity of goods being divested is lessening. Here on Harold Ave I find two women in winter garb watching over a tarp full of clutter and the remnants of an attempted lemonade stand. No child is in site to manage to refreshments and no one is asking about the icy beverages. Among the things spread out on the tarp and a few pieces of small furniture are some clothing, several jigsaw puzzles, a lamp sitting upon a large CD player, an assortment of cables and some books. Among the books I find “Seabiscuit”, “The Human Stain”, “City of Night” and “Waiting”. To the side of all of this there is a large device resembling a Civil War mortar, reading the find print on the barrel I find it is a machine for creating mulch.
I buy nothing.

Massive mulcher seen on Harold Ave.

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