Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mathews St. – Lake Claire “Estate Sale”

I just happened to stumble across this inside the house sale in my neighborhood. The sale was inside and in the front driveway of a relatively small infill home built within the last ten years. The sale did not appear to be operated by a professional reseller and seamed a little on the disorganized side. In the driveway was a colorful pile of mops, brooms, crutches and long handled garden tools. Near the pile was a box containing camping foodstuffs that included Honey and Lime chicken and a package of spaghetti.
In the first room inside was a room that was either being torn apart of rebuilt. Here I found a pair of Chuck Norris boxing gloves, a set of magnetic musical notes, a bright red gas mask, a pillow that resembled a slice of watermelon, assorted things made from straw and wicker, a bicycle seat, assorted hardware, switch plates and mismatched Xmas décor.
In the living room I found a retro red portable television tuned to Sesame Street next to a several pairs of brass conquistador boots. Scattered about the same room were old electronics, jigsaw puzzles and various candles of different sizes.
Upstairs I found boxes of old mismatched computer gear, some board games, a makeup mirror, camping gear, picture frames, dried flowers and a dirt devil.
Back outside I examined a few boxes of books to discover “Murder on the Menu”, “Gone to Her Death”, “Wicked Uncle”, “False Gods”, “The Courage to Heal”, “To Study a Long Silence”, “The Perfect Murder” and “How Far Will You Go?”.
On the other side of the driveway I found a free pile containing a lampshade, an umbrella, some wicker objects, dirty luggage and an old computer monitor.
I bought nothing.
Chuck Norris approved pugilist apparel.

Retro TV next to footwear of the conquistadors.

Camping edibles found in driveway.

Eclectic pile of free stuff.


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