Wednesday, March 28, 2007

3/24/07 A multitude of sales in a steaming sea of pollen

In a city covered by lung clogging yellow dust I made my way thought no less than eight sales all within two miles of my home. I did not find a lot of interesting stuff but it was a good day to see what my neighbors were getting rid of.

Hardendorf Ave – Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

This sale was just two blocks from my home. But it was a dull start for the day. Here I found boxes of slightly dated computer supplies, some women’s clothing, a ceiling light fixture, a 28mm lens for some unknown brand of camera, a few mugs, a set of swizzle sticks, an unopened Alicia Keys Cd and a VHS tape entitled cardio boot camp.
I bought nothing.

Ridgewood Rd. Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

Here a moderate amount of more interesting clutter was scattered about the yard and driveway of this ranch style home a few blocks further from my house. A wall along the driveway was lined with books among them I found “Wine for Dummies”, Howard Stern’s “Private Parts”, Gore Vidal’s “Kalki” “Seinlanguage”, “Dirty Jokes and Beer” and “The Writer’s Encyclopedia”. Under the carport I found a box of VHS tapes of popular movies some of the titles included VHS action movies and comedies such as “Blade” “Water boy”, ”Lethal Weapon 4” and “Con Air”. While I was there a shopper commented that videotapes are the new 8 tracks, as no one seemed to be looking in the box. Stuff scattered about the yard included some men and women’s clothing, an atomic clock, a few bicycle accessories, some bottles of bath oil, a few small picture frames, a dog coat and some faux pumpkins. In a box labeled free I found a back scratcher, an ice tray and a booklet entitled “Secrets of Male Prowess” I bought a padded bicycle seat cover and took the free booklet on male prowess.

Seller with faux pumpkins.

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