Thursday, March 22, 2007

Kirkwood Rd. – Kirkwood “Yard Sale”

This was very different than the earlier sale in Kirkwood. This sale was in the small fenced in yard in front of a charming Victorian bungalow. Here I discovered a selection of women’s and children’s clothing laid out on rugs and tarps, golf clubs, fishing rods, a sofa, a black lacquer dresser and various home furnishing. In a large rattan chair was an oversized slumping plush Santa effigy. Up on he porch was a bowling ball with the image of a bloodshot eyeball and a Bible the seller said she had received as a wedding present. Some books on the porch included “Don’t Shoot the Dog”, “Digital Fortress”, “The Romanov Prophecy”, “The Millionaire’s Mind”, “The Final Days”, “The Handy History Answer Books”, “Practical Thai” and several of the Left Behind series books.
I bought nothing.

Giantic Santa at resting in chair.

Eyeball bowling ball on pedestal.

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