Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Springdale Ave. - Druid Hills “Yard Sale”

This was a small sale in the driveway of a brick two-storey traditional home. Here I found a mink stoll, a leather jacket, a few belts, some vases, some luggage and a practice putting green.
I bought nothing.

Seller with mink stoll.

Oakdale Ave. - Druid Hills “Yard Sale”

This sale was a small event in the driveway of a brick ivy covered manor house. Here I found a few books including “The Chosen”, “The Brothers Karamazov”, and “Intimate Strangers’,” Heart of Darkness “Inside the Third Reich” and “What Dr. Spock Didn’t Tell Us” as well as some assorted clutter Among the clutter was a mirror, a souvenir scarf from the island of Grenada, some mugs and a few small picture frames. Stretched across the end of the driveway was a clothesline full of women’s clothing.
I bought nothing.

Clothes at end of driveway in Druid Hills

Candler St. - Candler Park “Yard Sale”

This was another small sale in the small yard of a frame bungalow. Here I found a pair of ice-skates, luggage, rugs and a rocking chair.
I bought nothing.

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