Thursday, March 22, 2007

S. Cander Rd. – Decatur “Yard Sale”

I found the final sale of the morning when I drove out to Decatur to try and drop off some old batteries at an electronics-recycling event. I had the wrong day for the recycling but I did find this sale across from Agnes Scott College. Here was a large selection of clutter randomly spread about a wide and deep tree shaded yard. The setting was almost pastoral, but most of the stuff was not that interesting. Under the grove I found another large ceramic rooster, a framed Andrew Wyeth poster for the Helga series, the Sex and the City trivia game, some teapots, lamps, vases and candles. Hanging from a ropes strung between two tall pines was an assortment of women’s clothing. Back towards the house I found some books including “Real Food for Dogs”, “The Hidden Life of Dogs” and “Bridal Bargains”. Nearby I found Deepak Chopra and Andrew Weil Cds and an unopened printed pad with the heading saying “Things you must do for me”.
I bought a few scented candles for Cindy who had complained the previous night that our house smelled stuffy.

Yet another large ceramic rooster.

A useful list found in Decatur.

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