Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wylie St. – Reynoldstown “Yard Sale”

This sale was on the porch of a two story home facing the graffiti on the wall surrounding the nearby rail yards. In front of the home in a narrow yard was a table holding a box or comics, a box of old Penthouse magazines, and some books. Among the books were “Cherokee Animal Tales”, “Discipline and Classroom Management”, “Intellectual Freedom Manual”, “The Golda Meir Story” and “Games with Books”. Next to the steps leading to the porch was a collection of commemorative Coke bottles, a red trunk, a printer, a microwave oven and a large television. Up on the porch was a large heavy looking power saw, a cat litter box filled with old beer cans from obscure breweries, a few lamps and a great view of the train yards with the skyline of Atlanta.
I bought nothing.

Selection of adult reaing matter.

View of the train yards.

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