Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sunday 2/18/2007

Cartersville and Vicinity - Road Trip

Last Sunday we neglected to attend yard sales and instead visited Cartersville as part of our President’s day weekend activities. Cartersville is not named after a president but is home to the largest collection of contemporary western art east of the Pecos. The extensive Booth Museum houses the collection an imposing edifice near the railroad tracks in downtown Cartersville. The collection is impressive especially the selection of original paintings done for pulp fiction covers. In the basement is the Sagebrush ranch, a children’s activity center where one may create their own western art by posing upon a plastic stallion.

While not being able to fully stay away from piles of clutter we did stop at a decrepit flea market along side highway 41. Like all things in this nation these days this market had taken on a deep southwestern flavor (which went well with the the art of the Booth Museum). Among the stalls filled with t-shirts depicting wrestlers and Our Lady of Guadeloupe, were fresh poblamo peppers, piles of undergarments and cheap hand tools. I was sorry to see the dingy looking stall that sold ornate dental grillz was closed for business.
We bought some poblamos and tomatillos.

Colorful selection of undergarments for sale.

Sign at closed stall offering dental modifications.

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