Sunday, March 04, 2007

Friday 2/23/2007 - Another estate revealed

Park Dr.- Decatur “Estate Sale”

Knowing I would be coaching my team at the Reading Bowl on Saturday and would be missing what ever was happening in the yards of clutter, I made a trip to this sale immediately after work ended on Friday.
The sale was in a simply ranch house that appeared smallish from the street. The home was not far from the estate sale I had visited the week prior. Inside the living room the first thing that caught my probing eyes was a massive 30 by 30 inch bound swatch book of wallpaper samples from the 1970’s. This Book of Kells sized work was entitled Tone on Tone. I considered if Tone on Tone was one of the few things to survive a nuclear holocaust would our distant descendents be forever trying to figure what this cryptic codex represented?
Massive tome of wallpaper.

In the basement of this home I found an assortment of dusty clutter. Shelves were filled randomly with cans of WD40, gardening tools, eyeglasses, metal polish and straw hats. Other stuff on this lower level included an old bicycle, a case of unopened 6 once coke bottles, a VHS tape of the Live Aid concert and a book entitled “Who Lives Here”
Upstairs in the bedrooms I found on one bed an exacting array of shoehorns, eyeglasses and playing cards. I complemented one of the resellers on her presentation skills after viewing this display. In that same bedroom was a closet full of women’s clothing. Among the garments I found a garish blouse that appeared to have party décor hot-glued onto it. In another bedroom was a bed with a not so exacting arrangement of purses scattered upon it. A doll collection of big-eyed children from distant locales was displayed nearby. On a dresser was an antique massager. Another bedroom held a mixture of Halloween and Xmas décor on the dresser there I discovered a bizarre drawing of what appeared to be a spotted dog assembled out of old cans. In the same room were two large ugly recliners neatly covered with lace doilies.

Dolls from arund the world.

Antique massaging device in original case.

Strange rendering of a canine.

The den held a large assortment of Xmas décor, an unopened Tiddly Winks game, a copy of the ”Buns of Steel” videotape and a menacing looking sock monkey doll next to an equally scary looking clown doll. Nearby was a small wooden plaque depicting a turtle sitting on a toilet reading the Wall Street Journal. In the living room were a few books including “The Winner Take All Society”, “And Our Defense is Sure”, “The Old Mr. Boston Bartending Guide”, “Self Help Handbook”, “Everyone’s a Coach”, “The Discipline of Market Leaders”, “The Naked Communist” and “The Preaching Life”. I also found a vintage speedometer, a wooden letter A, a pair of empty Mrs. Butterworth bottles, a Tiki carving, an old one liter bottle of Tab and some drinking vessels from a Polynesian themes bar in Las Vegas.
In the kitchen was the usual assortment of kitchen-wares. Here I found wooden bowls in the shapes of pineapples, a vast assortment of plastic tumblers and a box of Yager’s Liniment for rheumatism.
I bought nothing.

Turtle depicted reading financial news.

Reading matter found in estate.

Aging medicine in kitchen cabinet.


Anonymous said...

I dont supposed you bought that Yagers linament?? I think it was manufactured and sold by my great great grandfather Samuel T Iaeger. I would have loved for you to read the box and tell me what it says..

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