Thursday, March 22, 2007

Saturday 3/17/2007 - The Season has Begun

The season has begun. Like tulips pushing their way through the spring soil the signs of sales have sprung onto utility poles. No longer do I need to plan and peruse the listings in the AJC or Craigslist. I can just get into my car and wonder about to encounter the detritus assembled in people’s yards and driveways on this Saturday morning.

Lakeshore Dr – Lake Claire “Yard Sales”

There were two sales on this street near my home. The first was in a newer home that I had visited last year. The initial item I noticed here was an ugly rubber colorful piranha mask that I had photographed a year ago. There was not a lot at this sale some books including “The Inventors Desktop Companion”, “American Corporate Identity”, “Best financial Advertising”, “A March to Madness”, ”Swimming with the Sharks”, “Fumbling Toward Divinity”, “How to Fix everything in Your Home”, “How the Cadillac Got Its Fins” and “Not That You Asked”. There were also a few dolls; some old chairs and a pair of saw horses. When I asked the seller if I could take his photograph for this site and a possible book proposal he was kind to pose with the fish mask. He also showed me his proposal for a book on southern BBQ that was soon to be published and told me how he got a book deal.
I bought nothing but learned a little about getting published.

Seller with fish mask and angel.

The second sale on Lakeshore was a more formal affair with a wide selection of goods spread across a wide yard in front of an elegant tile roofed home. Here I found a small statute of a greyhound laying on a rug with the image of a butterfly, a large ceramic rooster, a cartoonish cardboard stand up of a young angel, some bar stools, a unopened GI Joe with a Mercury Space capsule, Xmas lights, a large plastic bin filled with matchbooks from local restaurants, some men’s clothing, a M&M figure sitting in a toy Lazyboy recliner, (a toy that not only indulged children to be obese but lazy as well), some kitchen appliances and a package of pasta in the shaped like Stars of David. Among some books scattered about I found “Life of Pi”, “The Dog Who Grew Me”, and “The Age of Stonehenge”. At the end of the yard there was a table stacked high with movies on VHS tapes that attracted no buyers.
I bought a barbeque spatula.
Greyhound figure on a rug.

Ceramic rooster among the clutter.


Shelly said...

I love to go to yard sales I try to find things for my kids and also for things to sell on Ebay. I really like your blog and was wondering if you would like to add it to my directory?
Thanks, Shelly

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