Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Amsterdam Ave. - Virginia Highlands “Yard Sale”

There was not a lot left in the yard sitting in the hot sun when I arrived. In the shade of a tree a mother and her son watched over a tarp covered with plastic tanks and helicopters. The scene look like it could have come from a war room for staging this nation’s next foreign invasion. Leaning against the wall of the ranch home was a large painting of a terrorized looking face. There were also some tiki torches and a garbage disposal.
I spent little time here and bought nothing.

Highland Ave. – Va. Highlands “Yard Sale”

When I arrived here a woman who brought a large dog to the sale had the seller’s pet cat cornered against some hedges. Fearing a fight and troubled by my dreams I left for my car. In my haste all I noticed was some women’s clothing, an old microwave and two flatbed scanners.
I bought nothing.

Oxford Ave. – Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

This sale was in the shade of the porch of two-story frame folk Victorian. While I was there I was assailed by the noise from construction at the home next door and the wail of a car alarm. In the din I saw a Lynyrd Skynard t-shirt, a pizza cooker and an old VHSc camcorder and some women’s clothing.
I bought nothing.

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