Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Josephine St. –Candler Park “Yard Sale”

Josephine is a very narrow one way street in Candler Park. The houses are very close together and have very small yards. At this house the entire tiny yard and porch were covered in clutter. Among the stuff there was an unopened Goddess calendar, toys, children’s swim fins, a single framed Elvis stamp, a pair of Hello Kitty slippers, some old recessed ceiling lights and a car radiator. A small table held some books and videotapes. There I found “Homosexuals in History”, “Tantric Yoga”, ”Phallic Worship” ‘The Art of Happiness”, some Anne Rice novels, a few old dusty law books and ‘How to Get more Cash at Your Closing” on VHS. Another box contained a disassembled Kirby Vacuum cleaner.
I bought nothing.

Further down Josephine was another sale that I walked to. This one had less stuff and everything seemed a lot cleaner and newer. Overall there was just not much here but some items included a Candyland game, a teddy bear, a few ceramic planters, a spice rack and a Krupps Coffee maker.
I bought nothing.

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