Sunday, August 14, 2005

Palifox Dr. – Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

The word for this sale was meager. When I arrived a man was walking away with a large mirror, the last substantial item from a small selection of things in the driveway. Among the few items that remained were some old Ethernet cables, a road atlas, a small desk lamp, an even smaller alarm clock a tee shirt with the horse from Guernica on it and a cell phone battery.
I bought nothing.

Ridgecrest Ct. – Lake Claire ‘Yard Sale”

When I pulled in this cul de sac I recalled that I had written about a sale here last year. This sale was quite different than the estate sale I had visited. The driveway and the carport contained an array of large plastic children’s playscapes. Other stuff there included some U.G. A. folding chairs, a set of scuba gear and a framed antique print of a baboon.
I bought nothing.

W. Parkland Dr. – Druid Hills “Garage Sale”

There was no garage at this house in the far end of Druid Hills. Instead a selection of stuff was arranged around the edge of a two-car driveway. The stuff was presided over by two teenage girls standing behind two tables. One table was marked stuff under two dollars the other stuff over two dollars. The adjoining tables made it difficult to tell where the under and over began and ended. Among the clutter was a toy scuba diver, a set of doggie sweat clothes with Vikings logo, Cds’ of music to relax by, some PC speakers and a selection of clip-on ties.
I bought nothing.

Note: I later checked a PDR to enquire into the pharmaceuticals found on Casson St. Trimox is an antibiotic and Diclofenlac is an anti-inflammatory agent prescribed for arthritis. This site does not advocate the purchase of used prescription drugs from yard sales.

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