Tuesday, August 02, 2005

People of Faith in Sagamore Hills

This Friday the 805 classified in the AJC listed two estate sales not far from one anther in the Dekalb neighborhood of Sagamore Hills. The Sagamore community, named after the home of Theodore Roosevelt was built in the early sixties and consists of mostly grand ranch style homes with large yards and expansive interiors that shame nearby ranch home communities such as Toco Hills.
The interesting twist to today’s sales is that both estates were of persons involved in religious activities. While both homes were similar in architectural design and both owners were people of faith each sale was unique.

Alderbrook Ln. – Sagamore Hills “Estate Sale”

This home was the grander of the two with a well-landscaped yard and narrow Greek revival columns on the front porch. Entering through a small kitchen I went directly to the dining room where below a wallpaper covered wall with an antebellum scene I found a small collection of books and other media on a desk in. The books contained many religious titles and a number of Bibles. Some of the titles included “Christian Psychiatry”, “Clinton, My Life”, "Sexy Birds of the South", “Sex and the Bible”,” Meet Robert E. Lee”, “The Pill Peddlers Joke Book” and ”Now that you’re a deacon”. Mixed in with the books were two VHS tapes, “Jesse James” and “Return of Jesse James”. Also on the desk was a new looking “Journal of Travels and Adventures” the journal was blank.
Dominating the living room was a large ceramic hound resting on the floor as though guarding a selection of framed art. One of the framed items was a long narrow tile with the kitchen prayer on it another was a print of a young man playing guitar. Other stuff in the living room included a ceramic switch plate that said the King and I, pieces of a disassembled rocking chair, an oil rig for a scale model railroad, an old Radio Shack TSR50 personal computer, A children’s vac-u-form kit, a plastic Magnus chord organ and a box of plastic finger tips with red nails.
Among the religious stuff were several packages of material for making bible school bulletin boards. One contained cutouts of figures that looked like they stepped out of 1963 and another had cut out scenes from Christ’s childhood.

There was not a lot of stuff in the two bedrooms. In one I found a pair of riding boots, a coolie hat, some old Xmas lights, a Braves/Army Reserve beach towel, a Patricia brand blood pressure monitor and a board game that involved finding America’s landmarks. One of the more obscure items I found was a color TV degausser. The owner must have had a problem with people putting large magnets next to his TV set.
The entire front room that may have been the formal living room of the home was nearly completely occupied by stacks of large plastic bins from 5 to 20 gallon sizes. In the kitchen I found a typical assortment of kitchenwares as well as a thermos like device labeled a “Pump a Drink”.
In the carport I found some old tools and a guide to biblical maps. I bought two old Pyrex mixing bowls to replace some bowls that were broken or lost.

Caermic hound guards artwork.

Book found amid bibles and Clinton biography.

Guide to Bible maps and charts.

Artwork found in Sagamore Hills.

Box of faux fingertips.

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