Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Princess Circle – Sagamore Hills “Estate Sale”

The second Sagamore home appeared smaller and more modest from the exterior but its interior space was deceptively large and featured an extensive basement. In addition all the rooms of this home were open for the sale. The living room contained a long wall of bookshelves holding a large array of hardbound titles of all varieties. The study area had bookshelves against three walls. Most of those books were titles dealing with theology. In the full basement was an entire room with shelves on every wall housing a mix of paperbacks and hardbacks. The religious titles while mostly in the study were also scattered in the other rooms. Some tomes on Theological issues included “Pastoral Psychology”, "Bad Girls of the Bible", “The Compulsion to Confess”, “Bad Girls of the Bible”, “the Idiots Guide to Religion Online”, ‘The Dark Night of the Soul” and “The Problem of God”. In one corner of the study was a shelf housing mostly works on nonchristian creeds. Some of the works included “The Glorious Koran”, “Essential Kaballah”, “Hinduism”, “Lao Tze’s way of life” and ”The Handbook of Yoga”. Mixed in with the nonbelievers texts was “The Book of Mormon”.
Secular works covered the arts, sciences, medicine, literature, cooking and other topics. Some selected titled include ‘Idiots Guide to Jazz”, “Basic Handbook of mental Illness”, “The Alarming History of Medicine”, “Say Goodnight to Insomnia”, “Don’t Call them Jerks”, “The Dilbert Principle”, “The Man Who Became Caravaggio”, “The Golden Bough” and ‘Bushisms”. Some cook books included “Taste of North Africa”, “Low Cholesterol Gourmet” and “365 Ways to Cook Hamburger”.
Aside from the extensive collection of books there was not a lot of other stuff on the upper floor of the home. The study contained a while leather recliner and matching footstool, the perfect accessory for an avid reader. There was also a large desk and some file cabinets. The living room contained a few items of furniture and kitchen and dinning rooms offered some sparse furnishings and cooking implements. Two racks of clothes were in a bedroom. One held men’s ware the other women’s ware. But in a nearly empty bedroom I found a small sketchbook with images of Oklahoma done in pen.
The basement contained a large assortment of everyday clutter ranging from toys to stereo gear and odds and ends.
When I descended into the basement a Hispanic couple there was teasing their toddler with a full head covering ghoul mask that was priced at one dollar. A box of LPs contained “Marlene sings German for the OSS”, “Bouzouki my Love” and an exercise disc entitled “Keep Fit and Be Happy”. The clutter on the lower level included a pair of inline skates, a pair of troll like creatures made of broom straw, a kit for creating a hook rug with the image of a soccer ball, several public health certificates, an outstanding supervisor award and an opened bag of dog biscuits. Strangely this sale like the prior sale also had a children’s injection molding kit this one was called “Shrinky Dinks”
I bought two books “Island of the Colorblind” and “A History of Reading”

Creatures made of broomstraw

A unique theological work.

Kit for making soccer rug.

LP for keeping fit and happy.

Marelene entertains the OSS.

Sketches of hills of Oklahoma.

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