Thursday, August 11, 2005

Oakdale Ave. Candler Park ‘Multifamily sale”

This sale was in the front driveways of two neighboring homes near the Candler Park Marta Station. One of the homes had a peace flag at the end of the driveway the other had some balloons promoting the sale. The peace flag home had the more extensive selection of clutter. At the end of the driveway a box containing some old toys and broken items with a sign saying “silly things 25 cents”. Other items included a vase in the shape of a bird, an old globe, a box of lps, a pc a scanner, a smiling orange teapot, a plush M&M wearing sleepwear, a device or sculpture of some sort with wires, alligator clips and a flower shaped base and two very tall speakers. On top of a table was an assortment of monkey figurines. Near in the sidewalk in the yard was a box marked free that contained some broken and unidentifiable electronic gear.
The other home had more utilitarian stuff with a collection of books on resume writing and a copy of the omnipresent WCIYP. There was also a copy of “How to think like Leonardo”. Other stuff found there was an old microwave over, a printer and a dirt devil.
I bought nothing.

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