Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Saturday 7/30/05

It was a damp and rainy morning. I presumed a lot of sales were cancelled or that a lot of stuff set out in yards was quite wet. The rains ended by 9:30 and I set off to see what was left.

Mell Ave. – Candler Park “Multi Family Sale”

There was a lot of stuff in front of this large craftsman home and a lot of it was wet. The seller did manage to cover the paper items. Box of books on graphic art was dry as well as several books on cats. Covering both genres was “Why Cats Paint”, a large book that examined what type of works certain cat artist create. Most appeared to be highly abstract as realism must not be in vogue in feline art circles. There was also a collection of books on Akido. Other books included “Hitler and Stalin” and “What you can do With a Law Degree”. Also in the yard was a pile of old backpacks, a large turtle made out of wicker, a pair of fuzzy dice with flames on them, a birdhouse, some colored light bulbs and a door knocker shaped like a cats face.
I bought nothing.

Cathead door knocker.

Wicker turtle.

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