Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Springdale Rd. Druid Hills “Estate Sale”

This sale was advertised as an estate sale in the 805 classifieds the AJC. When I arrived at this two- story French eclectic brick manor I was disappointed to see that the sale was in the rear outside a detached three car garage and not inside the home proper. Assembled there was a large collection of mismatched clutter. The assembled goods extended into the garage where a confused collection of bathroom fixtures including toilets and sinks were piled next to old soiled oriental carpets and stacks of old real estate business files in cardboard file boxes. Leaning against the garage door was a bright fauvist style painting which may have been a landscape. Near the files was a box of old men’s sweaters topped with a leather bound Hebrew Sidur. In the driveway outside the garage was a confused collection of home décor, garden tools and a variety mixed merchandise. Among the stuff strewn about were two Dish TV receivers, the omnipresent disassembled ceiling fan, some skis, a new looking vibrating leather recliner with a remote control, an unopened box of the UGA Monopoly knockoff - Dawgopoly, a sculpture of two pigs straddling a motorcycle, several boxes of empty CD cases, two small masks made from coconut shells and a framed print of a golf club. Partially covered with what appeared to be a hand painted bed spread with cartoonish women on it was a 1981 Mercedes. Some media found there included a set of audiocassettes “Breaking the Success Barrier” and a book ‘Goddesses for Every Season”.
I was happy to find yet another unused Millennium item, a pair of Millennium toasting flutes. These tall champagne flutes with 2000 etched into their crystal surface, were still in their original box. Seemingly the 1000-year event came and went without these vessels being filled and raised in celebration.I bought nothing.

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