Sunday, August 14, 2005

Arizona Ave. – Lake Claire "Yard Sale”

A large sign nailed to a utility pole directed me to this sale near the Lake Claire Land Trust. Perhaps this sale had been pillaged by shoppers for the sign alone could have covered the stuff available for sale in the driveway of a local ceramics artist. Among the few things remaining for sale were several books on ceramics, copies of “Guerrilla Marketing Handbook”, “The Art Market” and ‘Sell What You Make”. Other stuff there included some children’s clothing, a German dictionary and some children’s swim fins.
I bought nothing.

Casson Ave. – Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

Not far away this sale on the sidewalk in front of a frame bungalow a wider selection of clutter was presented. Among the stuff arranged on and around a table was, a Ouiji board, a box of plush animals, CDs of Mozart and Debussy, a small strobe light and a plastic bag of old cosmetics. In the bag along with old lipstick tubes and half empty jars of nail polish were two bottles of pharmaceuticals. One contained a prescriptions for Trimox another for Diclofenalac. One of the larger items for sale was a George Foreman grill. With the Atkins diet on the wane perhaps these meat cookers will suffer the same fate as bread makers suffered when carbs were banished. Next to the grill was a box containing a tooth whitening kit. One component of the kit appeared to be missing. There was also a rack of women’s cloth’s including some bright orange faux lizard skin pumps and a pair of high heeled sneakers.
I bought nothing.

Bag of used cosmetics and pharmacueticals.

High healed sneakers.

Vibrant faux animal skin pumps.

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