Sunday, August 14, 2005

Saturday 8/13/05

Having started back to work I did not care if I woke up early and visited sales before the early bird scavengers stripped them bare. But after less than a half hour of visiting sales I realized it was also too hot to continue. So Today I did not venture far from home.

Sinclair Ave. – Inman Park “Moving Sale”

This was the only AJC advertised event I attended today. I was greeted by two wide eyed white manikins. They wore a sign stating that they were Italian Pucci designs. I envisioned the vibrant colors or a Emilio Pucci ensemble draped over their pale forms. Next to the ivory twins ware a pair of five-foot metal towers that resembled oil derricks. A sign indicated that these forms were yard trellises. On the porch of this turn of the century Victorian bungalow was a stack of 78 albums, with a copy of Madame Butterfly on top. Also on the porch was an old Remington Quiet Riter model typewriter and two pairs of flip flops packed in plastic baggies. At the door I was met by a loose dog wearing a bandana, inside another shopper lead her dog around on leash. This is the first time I have encountered shoppers bringing dogs inside a sale, I hope this is not a trend. Inside the home two rooms were open for shopper’s perusal. Among the clutter gathered there were some old pairs of glasses, several old posters of past Inman Park festivals, a Davy and Goliath action figure still in its original box, a partially used bottle of baby oil, a large electric grinder, a framed picture of Uga, two packs of Nsync thank you notes, some model train cars packed in plastic baggies, a large gourd with a face carved into it and some Halloween and Easter d├ęcor.
Two shelves contained a variety of old books. Among the titles were “Teenage Sports Parade” an Olympic pin guidebook, “New ideas in Science”, “Old Time Pickling and Spicing Recipes”, “Going Crazy” as well as many titles on Psychology and Sociology. Other media included some VHS tapes, some DVDs and a small selection of movies on laser discs.

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