Tuesday, January 24, 2006

1/21/06 Emphatic serving dishes and a moratorium on McMansions

Last week I documented a visit to a sale at a home slated for demolition to make way for a McMansion to be built in Virginia Highlands. A few days later the mayor put a moritoriun on such activity, not yard sales but the tearing down of perfectly good homes. Today I went to a sale at an newer infill home and decided that the owners are just not filling them with the quality of clutter that are found in older and smaller homes. So while McMansion construction may bring about yard sales the quality may suffer.

North Ave. – Candler Park “Moving Sale”

This sale had great signs but was very disappointing. It was held on the porch and in the garage of a new infill home across from Freedom Park. When I arrived the weather was dreadful and there was not much stuff in the garage under the home. All I found was a futon, a sofa and a box labeled adult books. Adult books at this sale means California travel guides and Oprah book of the month selections. Another box held some kids books and videos.
Upstairs on the porch were a few children’s things, a cordless phone, a snack maker and a freezer pop maker.
I bought one item for my installation.

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