Sunday, January 15, 2006

Kings Ct. – Virginia Highlands ‘Estate Sale”

When I parked in front of this small squat homely brick bungalow with a plastic tarp on the roof it was obvious that this building was destined for destruction. Inside the five-room home one of the owners/sellers was going on about how big a home could be built there if the adjoining lot was also sold. He made some passing remarks about opposition to his plans but it the impending changes must have been assured because he and another man were divesting themselves of a home filled with what appeared to be dozens of years of accumulation.
Inside the small bungalow was dark and filled with shoppers and clutter. I headed first to a room off the living room to find an assortment of books and a few tables filled with small décor items and some strange odds and ends. Among the books I found a SAT preparation guide, a copy of “Basic Breads”, “Safe foods” and two copies of “Politically Correct Holiday Stories”. A small stack of 78’s revealed recordings by Eddie Fisher and Dinah Shore. Among the assorted wares on the tables was a box containing folding opera glasses, a metal commemorative tray from Las Vegas, a Mississippi commemorative plate, a rough hand made clay snowman, an old photograph of a man holding three raccoon pelts, a set of mugs with the Morton Salt logo on them, a package of Balsam Fir incense, a plaster skull, a set of plastic wind-up chattering teeth and a small wooden plaque in the shape of Vermont that with the inscription – “Someone in Vermont misses you.” The most puzzling item in the room was a foot tall wooden figure of a woman with movable arms wearing a slip. While I was there one of the sellers tried to interest me in a cardboard box will with small wooden window shutters.

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