Sunday, January 01, 2006

The food was plentiful, well presented and reminiscent of the fare one would get in a Marriott in some third tier city(which is high by my traveling standards). It ranged from very good to mediocre. Regardless it was plentiful. The aforementioned Old Barn was a steak/chop house with some Tex Mex thrown in. The d├ęcor was old barnish complete with antler chandeliers and video monitors showing a Willie Nelson concert. Overlooking the dinners was a loft holding a plastic life size cow and pig glaring down at people consuming cow and pig. My first impression was that perhaps the Golden Crown was a bit too close to Golden Corral. Other food offerings were a breakfast/lunch buffet/trough, a Seafood place, a poolside grill and the Shangri-la. The later an upscale place where one had to wear long pants to indulge in overeating.

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