Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Rosedale Dr. - Virginia Highlands “Estate Sale”

This sale was in an older traditional brick home with a small Greek revival porch. Inside the professional sellers were set up at the door near a table full of old Xmas décor. I headed past them to examine the contents of the kitchen in the rear of the home. In a dirty pantry/closet I found a very old and very large electric roaster, a meat grinder, an electric fryer and an Oster duo massager. In a cabinet in the kitchen I found the first of several food shaped serving dishes. Here I found a covered bowl shaped like a potato with matching potato shaped salt and peppershakers. On the same cabinet was a narrow platter that resembled a stalk of celery and another covered bowl and salt and pepper set, this one in the form of corn on the cob. Also in the kitchen was the usual assortment of glassware and cutlery and dozens of cake decorating tools.

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