Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sisson Ave. - Kirkwood “Moving Sale

I had tried to find this sale that was advertised on Artnews when I first went out but either missed the sign or the artist holding the event had not yet awakened. The sale was inside a small frame cottage. In the home it was appeared as though the sale was not affecting the daily lives of the occupants. Aside from a table that was contained a few boxes of cds and cookbooks, it appeared that there had been little preparation for the sale. But the sellers were quite cordial offering me a sandwich and cookies from a platter sitting on a footstool in their small living room. They told me all their books were for sale. The books were crammed into several bookcases along with a variety of other stuff such as a quart of motor oil. The multitude of books were a collection of literature both classic and contemporary ranging from Proust to Pynchon, works on philosophy and the arts as well as a some popular fantasy novels. Near the shelves was a computer desk with a computer with its cover removed and a layer of paper debris. Some hand stenciled TV shirts with comments such as “politics is fun” hung nearby. I wondered into the back bedrooms to find them in total disarray. I could not tell if this stuff was for sale of not.
I bought a copy of “Blink” and “The Dictionary of Symbols” as well as a number of pop, rockabilly and classic cds. The seller also gave me a portable camera mount he had made that consisted of a hardware clap with a quarter inch screw going through the handle. He had been promoting these on the Internet.

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