Monday, January 23, 2006

Heading to the to other bedroom I passed through a room with shelves of books covered in plastic tarps. It seems that the sellers wanted to put the books up for sale two weeks from today. All that was accessible there were some old stereo speakers, a letter jacket and a pair of Boy Scout backpacks.
That room led to a wood paneled bedroom in the rear of the house. Here I found a great level of disorder with no theme to what was kept in the room. In a closet the only items hanging were three life jackets. A nearby umbrella stand was holding several canoe paddles while another umbrella stand was filled with tennis rackets. Filling some high shelves along one wall was a vast collection of old National Geographics. A dresser held a piles of clutter that included from a coffee maker, a small B&W TV, a stock pot, some swim fins, some small Japanese dolls, an American flag, a slide rule and a shoe shine kit.
On another dresser was a figure of what appeared to be an Indian made from yarn and wood and covered in a plastic bag also found there were several snow globes that had gone dry. One featured a chipmunk eating a nut. On a windowsill was a hand knitted figure of a panda. On a double bed was a brass and wood perpetual calendar device that appeared to be damaged. Hanging on a doorknob was a UGA shirt. In front of it was what appeared to be a small handmade chair with the words Broad & Wall printed on the back along with the image of a torn dollar bill. It was unclear what its use was.

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