Tuesday, January 10, 2006

From the kitchen I immediately descended a flight of stairs to the basement. Along the narrow stairs was a rail for a chair lift. A sign noted that it was for sale. The basement was divided into three rooms. One room, which must have been the den or rec room, had a full size shuffleboard court in its center. There were benches along the perimeter for shuffleboard fans. No shuffleboard gear remained. On one of the benches was a three ring binder holding a photocopies of the entire text (including the cover page) of “A Year in Provence”, another binder contained a photocopied version of “Under Crescent and Cross” a history of Jews during the middle ages. Nearby was a pile of partially used rolls of gift-wrap and some 6 oz coke bottles. On a table in the same room were three framed 8x10 glossies of early NASA rockets, a Jupiter C, a Juno and the ill fated Vanguard missile. On the floor was a collection of old luggage.
Another part of the basement was part of the garage. In it I found a box of Lps. Among them were works by Guy Lombardo, Xavier Cugat and Mitch Miller, as well as a motivational work by Earl Nightengale entitled “Your Greatest Opportunity”, “Hebrew Melodies in Modern Dance Time” and “Sing Along in Hebrew”. A metal box in the same area contained a tourist map of Israel, a comb, some bandages and an old pamphlet on Georgia driving laws. In the same room was a VCR, a cap from the Standard Club, a strobe light and a shopping cart from some unnamed grocery store.

Another part of the basement contained a number of home health care devise, some lawn tools and a set of golf club in a very attractive leather bag. On a shelf was a selection of Hill cleaning products.

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