Monday, January 23, 2006

Livingston Dr. - Decatur “Estate Sale

I went to this sale after work on Friday. I called Clare Butler on the way there to ask if she wanted to go. She had been there earlier in the day and told me it was the estate of someone who had accumulated too much.
The sale was in a small brick bungalow in the area between Decatur and Avondale Estates. Upon entering the small living room it was obvious that the owner had an obsession with accumulating antiques. But with the excessive accumulation the home ceased to resemble a home that was lived in and took on the appearance of an antique store. Old oak and pine furniture crammed with a variety of old objects dominated the living room as I entered. As is my normal method of exploration I immediately went to one of the bedrooms. The front bedroom had nothing left indicating that if had ever been a bedroom. It was filled with a mass collection of all things glass and porcelain. Three tables held an assortment of bottles, jars, vases, cups, tumblers and the like. Among the collection I found a Charles and Diana cup, a commemorative plate from Hawaii, a Mt. Rainer paperweight and a souvenir astray from the Cyclorama.

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