Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Casino night in the wood paneled Beer Garden was a bit sad with guests gathering around three tiny gaming tables that looked like they came out of someone’s den.
Karaoke night ran the gamut from lame to dreadful. The supporting video was highly bizarre as it looked as thought the producer had purchased the rights to some old European travel footage then randomly put the lyrics over it. While one drunken oaf stumbled through Born to be Wild the audience watched pastoral scenes of the Tuileries gardens. Cindy delighted the gathered crowd with an uplifting version of Material Girl. My rendition of Strangers in the Night left the audience mostly perplexed.

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spanarch said...

thats cool that you go to yard sales like that. I always wonder about the things that people put out there too. Sometimes it makes me concerned for the world. But mostly it amuses me. Human really are all unique creations.