Friday, May 13, 2005

Eastway Dr. - Medlock “Estate Sale”

When I got to the back yard of this house I realized that this was the remnant of an estate sale held inside the home I had attended nearly a month ago. Then everything was crowded into the house and it was filled with enough shoppers to make me claustrophobic. Now what was left was in jumbled piles in the back yard. The 1984 diploma from ACA was still there so no one had bought it trying to pass them selves off as a graphic artist. The estate if this was an estate seemed to be multigenerational. On one of the tables filled with clutter I found a decrepit scrapbook that appeared over sixty years old. Most of its contents had fallen out into the cardboard box it rested on top of. Among its pieces I found a 1941 draft card and a 1940 drivers license from Waycross. The license simply had marks that a policeman would punch out if the driver committer offenses such as DUI or reckless driving. None were punched out. I spotted some WW II era scatological cartoons in the refuse, both dealing with women and toilets. There were also a number of photos of sailors standing next to female natives of the South Seas.
Other less historical items scattered about included two yachting trophies, a one-gallon can of sesame oil, an equestrian helmet, a candle shaped like the moon, an Elvis jigsaw puzzle, and a Japanese mother and child figurine with a head missing. There were not many print items aside from a large box filled with old issues of the Nationals Association of Watch and Clock Collectors Journals. Most of the stuff was dusty dirty and somewhat mildewed. A few newer things were placed about such as a Tamagotchi virtual reality pet still in its original box, a pile of Beanie babies which had also been at the earlier sale and a container of liquid coffee concentrate. There were also few art pieces such as a statue of two harlequins and a large painting of a mushroom.
I bought a few postcards from the box containing the scraps of the scrapbook.

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