Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I awoke to the sound of thunder and rain. When I peered out the window I could see my plans for a peak season yard sale weekend washing down the already overburdened storm sewers of Atlanta. Nonetheless I put on my foul weather gear and headed out to see what stoic sales remained in spite of the deluge.

Oakdale Ave. – Candler Park “Awesome Yard Sale

Driving down McLenden I saw the signs of sales posted yesterday hanging wet and limp on utility poles or lying on rain soaked sidewalks. Since this sale on Oakdale was advertised in the AJC I though that since the sellers had paid for the ad they might be persistent in holding the sale. When I arrived there I found persistence in the form of two women huddled in their garage surrounded by a few piles of artifacts for sale. Not everything fit into the sheltering garage as a collection of dinning and kitchen items was being splattered by the rain in the driveway. Among the notable finds was a gloved named a “kitten mitten” that looked like a prop from a Tim Burton film. The bight orange glove had foot long fingers with fluffy balls at the tip of each digit. The seller told me it was used to tease a cat. Torment would be a better description of what it would do to a cat. Other items out of the downpour included a coffee maker, a pack of cards entitled “52 Atlanta Adventures”, a plush rabbit with the name Hip Hop, some women’s clothes, some packages of seeds and Arnold’s Swartzenegger’s guide to bodybuilding.
I bought a book entitled “Krazy Kids Food! - Vintage food graphics”.

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