Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday May 6, 2005

Willivee Dr. Medlock “Estate Sale”

On my way home from work I stopped by this sale listed in the AJC as an estate sale. On my way there I passed signs noting ‘Fabulous Estate Sale- gifts for Mon” the Moms part referring to the approaching Mother’s day. When I arrived at the sight I found that it was in no way an estate sale but just a yard sale with too much signage. Some of the signage was incorrect. In the driveway were three relatively overpriced ($32) yard ornaments for sale two were properly labeled as Virgin Mary and St. Joseph but a concrete image of St. Teresa the Little Flower was labeled “Mary Teresa”. Was the seller trying to pass off this icon of a 19th century saint as a statue of a Hapsburg Queen or was the seller just lacking in her knowledge of Catholicism and Austrian history. Other more correct signs urged potential buyer to purchase a variety of old clutter for their mothers. I always assumed most mothers wished to get rid of clutter not have more come into their homes in the guise of Mother days gift. One such item was a wooden chair with the seat missing and a planter with a few tropical vines stuck in its place. Its sign proclaimed, “makes a great Mother’s day gift”. A bulletin board with a thick frame was also promoted with a sign reading, “makes a great gift for Mom!” Among other items scattered around the yard and driveway included a bug vacuum still in the box, a panoramic framed photo of Stonewall Jackson College, a print of cattle branding in the old west, a Thermafork, which is a BBQ fork with a built in thermometer, a very large old pretzel tin and a few sombreros. In the carport I found a box of single serving coffee packets that may have been taken from countless stays in motels as well as a selection of swizzle sticks.
I bought nothing.

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