Friday, May 13, 2005

Harold Ave. - Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

The third sale I walked to was a disappointment. Three blocks away it was mostly a driveway filled with baby stuff.
There are a just the few other things include the following books “Making Waves”, “Hidden messages of water” and “The new mothers guide to breast feeding” At the end of the driveway is a large box filled with notepads from a pharmaceutical company.
I bought nothing.

McClendon Ave. - Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

I’m driving now but still in the neighborhood. This is a man’s sale. A lone gentleman stands in front a ranch home with a large American flag flying on the roof, watching over a few items. The stuff includes a front grill for a pickup truck, a silver toolbox that fits into a PU truck, a handball racket, a glass top coffee table and a box containing a bunch old computer programming guides. The sale smells of modern testosterone.
I buy nothing.

Lakeshore Ave. - Lake Claire “Yard Sale

The centerpiece of this sale was three items related to the seven habits of highly effective people _ the book, the VHS tape and the agenda. One of the seven habits must be to print very exacting bold labels and place them on everything your selling with a high asking price. Among the well-labeled and overpriced objects were, a blender, a coffee maker, some coffee filters ($2 for used pack) a food processor, some sheets and other bedclothes and a few candles.
I bought nothing.

Clifton Ave. - Candler Park “Moving Sale”

This was not an individual yard sale but a fundraiser to send some girl scouts to the Bahamas. Among the stuff found there was an unopened container of carrot soup, some lip gloss, a large rainbow colored candle and an “I heart NY” snow globe. Books included “Angel Signs”, “How to speak lovey dovey” and “Eating out in Provence”
I bought nothing.

Page Ave. – Candler Park “Moving Sale”

I could have walked to this sale located in a rented home behind Fellini’s Pizza. Two women were selling a variety of stuff. In the center of the yard was a painted bookshelf with a number of hand written quotes painted on the side. One of the quotes was “life is a sleazy stranger and this is his favorite bar”. Among the books on the shelf were “Seven habits of highly effective teens”, “Drawing for Children”, “Should we burn Babar” and “What should I do with my life?” A journal entitled “The simple abundance of gratitude” was empty with nothing written in it. Other stuff found here was an omelet maker, a coffee maker, some painted liquor bottles, a Jim Beam Cap, Alien and Aliens on VHS, a CD by Jewel and a pink humanoid M&M with a pink heart and a green face.
I bought nothing.

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