Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Westminster Way - Decatur “Garage Sale”

This was held in the same infill cul de sac where a bogus sale was held a few months ago. This dead end looks like it escaped through a wormhole in Alpharetta. When I approached the sale a man asked me if I was a griller. He pointed to a box of BQ implements. They also had two basketball hoops and a pancake maker still in the box.
I bought nothing but was glad to exit this suburban enclave.

Harold Ave. - Lake Claire “Yard Sale”

Back in my neighborhood I felt a sense of security. There was not much left at this sale, a big CRT monitor, a computer desk, some programming manuals, 2 vacuums and some big Teac speakers.
I bought nothing.

Lakeshore Dr. - Lake Claire “ Yard Sale”

The stuff in this driveway had been well picked over and there was not even a seller in sight when I arrived at this massive infill house. In the driveway was a lot of mildewsed stuff including a punching bag, a caller ID device, a fish mask, a mirror set in a cats mouth, a tackle box, a tiny CRT monitor, two doors, an electric knife a dog bed and a box containing Jell-O molds and a plaque that said “nothing happened here in 1897”.
I bought nothing.

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