Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sunday May 22, 2005

I went out on a bike ride to Grant Park and did not have my camera and notebook so I could not make a full case study of each of the following sales. The first on Woodward a man had a few things on his front porch. When I approached he get very friendly and told me he had more things inside. He did not. His house was a mess and needed to be cleaned up. He wanted me to spend more time there. I wished him a good day and peddled off.
On Park Dr. a man was having a sale of a lot of antiques in his back yard. He apparently was trying to go professional as he was totaling purchases with an electric cash register. Further down on Ormand Street I biked to an estate sale with a Panamanian flag flying off the front porch of a Victorian bungalow. He didn’t have much for sale and it was really a moving sale as he was relocating to Panama in a few weeks. He discussed how property values on the isthmus had gotten out of control with the amount of US retirees moving there.
I bought nothing but yearned for my childhood in the Canal Zone.

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paula said...

Hi ya,

Just wanted to let you know I love your site and visit when I can. I, too, am an 'addict' when it comes to garage sale-ing. Great idea to post about the sport, the details of what's being sold, the interaction with sellers and buyers. I'll post my own finds once in a while, but it's not my main thrust. Thanks again and good job!