Monday, May 30, 2005

Tuxedo Ave.- Lake Claire “Street Wide Sale”

This street sale was a bit more developed than last week’s sale in Druid hills. There were over seven sales on this dapper named avenue all within a short walk of one another. Among the items about were a oak table and chairs, a leopard skin cat house, some soundtrack Lps to Broadway and old TV shows, a husband/wife meter set to annoyed for the husband, a massager with shiatsu action, a jingle bell rock singing Santa figure, a commemorative knife of the Statue of Liberty and a fry daddy. One sale had a single sample theatre seat that could be used for a theatre of one. A box at the adjoining sale contained several naked cabbage patch kids dolls. At the final sale an old woman hauled junk out her home with a wheelbarrow and kept adding it to a pile in the street. Among the stuff for sale were a large chandelier and two framed prints of antique shoes. In the junk pile I saw a bicycle, a weed eater and some yard lights.
I bought some cufflinks shaped like Georgia. I did come across a fifty-year-old brochure for the Empire State Building but sadly it had been partially devoured by insects.

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