Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Friday May 20, 2005

S. Ponce De Leon – Druid Hills “Estate Sale”

After my final day of work for t academic year I attempted to visit two estate sales. Unfortunately the better-looking sale in Decatur had just closed as I arrived. This sale on S. Ponce was advertised as the home of a professor with lots of military memorabilia.
The home was a small modern one-bedroom condo near the Paidea campus. Much of the condo especially the fist floor was filled with clutter and buyers. There were a few tables outside but these were covered with plastic tarps because of the rain. For the amount of stuff there it was not as interesting as it should or could have been. There was not as advertised a lot of military stuff. A few old uniform items collected from travels in the former Soviet Union and some medals and ribbons. There were a number of southern history items such as framed civil war prints and old copies of the Alabama Review and Civil War times. I headed past the crowd and checked out the second level bedroom. There I found some old computer gear, an unopened box of Internet Explorer (yes it came in a box once), some laminated world maps, a VHS tape on Hip replacement and a closet full of very loud and garish women’s clothing.
Back downstairs I inspected some of the shelves of books. Among them I found a guide to Crete, a guide to New Zealand, an Auburn alumni directory, copies of “Knock your socks off service”, “ Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue” and “Legacy of a Pack Rat”. When I left I looked under the tarps on the front patio and found an Electrosage 8 still in its original box. The battery operated device claims to ‘structure the body by massaging muscles”
I bought nothing.

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