Friday, May 13, 2005

Nelms Ave. - Lake Claire “Garage Sale”

Less than two short blocks from home I arrived at the peak of the early morning activity. The home is a large new infill structure that I visited on the tour of homes two years ago. Here a variety of no longer wanted stuff was arranged from the driveway back to the garage. Among the items here were a coffee maker, a blender, a boxed set of Sake with glasses, a box of old watches, a large theatrical makeup case, a pair of roller blades, and a rock tumbler. In the driveway was a large stack of old audio and computer gear, a box of old cheap telephones and a strange print of a masked man smoking a cigarette. Books found here included “Piano for Dummies”, “Sex toys of the Gods”, “Boy Culture” and “Kept Boy”. A box of VHS tapes features titles such as Swing Kids and Titanic, while a box of Lps contained mostly soundtracks to musicals including Oklahoma, Grease, Pirates of Penzance and A Chorus Line. On top of a dresser I found a Rolodex holding in place of addresses, had well-typed cards with cocktail recipes. Near the entrance was a box of free merchandise that offered passing customers coat hangers or economic textbooks.
I bought an old wooden box that Cindy could use to display her prints at the Kirkwood Festival next weekend.

Marlbrook Ave - Lake Claire “Moving Sale”

This sale less than a block away had started the day before so a lot of stuff here was already picked through when I walked in. Located in the back driveway of a two-story duplex two women watched over a moderate amount of clutter. There were a lot of books here including many new age works. Among the books were “ Women’s Books of Ritual”, “Not your mother’s life”, “Woman’s complete book of good magic” a work form 1922 entitled “Wild animals at home” and “Woman’s comfort book” There were two sealed brown paper bags selling for $2 labeled “books on women’s spirituality” presumably for readers that just wanted generic titles. Other stuff found here included a wedding dress still in its original box, a softball mitt, an old Remington portable typewriter, rolls of gift-wrap and a box containing a St. Patrick’s Day party kit.
I bought an old banquet tray stand that I can convert into yet another item Cindy can use at the Kirkwood Festival for one dollar.

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