Friday, October 14, 2005

Highland Terrace – Virginia Highlands “Moving Sale”

This inside the house sale had started the day before so I don’t know how much I missed at this event. Inside this totally renovated brick Tudor home was mostly a selection of large furniture pieces that occupied much of the floor space of a large vaulted living room. There was a smattering of smaller objects throughout the three-level home. In a main floor bedroom I found a massive disco ball resting on a king size bed. On the lower level I found most or the rooms nearly empty except for some artwork of men without shirts, a rack of men’s shirts, a lava lamp and a sombrero. Some furnishing on that level also included a white leather sofa and matching chair and a large four poster bed. Facing the bed was a new TV placed on top of a vintage TV.
The upper level contained a finished attic that contained nearly nothing.
Under a table in the living room I found a small stack of Lps that contained works by Mary Martin, Ethel Smith and the Sons of the Pioneers. Other stuff found on the main level was a old framed photo of the Maine state pier, a cap from Stainmaster carpet cleaners, a basket of very large pine cones, a large cross set with faux jewels and a pair of tennis rackets.
Outside on the sidewalk were piles of old yard tools, some boxes of switch plates and other assorted basement fodder. An old bicycle had a stack of sofa cushions upon it.
I bought two shirts. When I got to my car I found my keys were locked inside. I then walked home, a journey of three miles. It did not rain on my way home. But I did see an interesting sign along the way.

Candler Park Dr.- Candler Park “Yard Sale”

After walking home I went out to buy cat food and stopped at this sale. On the porch of this craftsman bungalow I was met by a toddler shuffling about on snow skiis. There was not a lot of clutter left at this late time. Among the items I noticed were some Excel guidebooks, a coffee maker, a pile of sweaters and a very old cell phone, the type that you carried in a pouch.
I bought nothing.

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